Migrate your documents from Confluence

Now migrate all your documents from Confluence to Zeda.io

Some of the app-specific instructions to migrate documents from Confluence are explained below -

Migrate individual files

  • On Confluence, go to the "Pages" section and select the individual page which needs to be exported. Once the page opens, click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side and click "Export" and then "Export as Word". A .doc file will be downloaded.


With the above pre-requisites, a user is able to save the confluence page on their computer in .doc format.

  • In Zeda.io, Go to Product Space > Product > Document, click "Import", choose "Word", upload the ".doc" file

Migrate Confluence space

Step 1 - Pre-Req. on Confluence

  • From the confluence workspace, go to "space settings" in the top right sidebar.
  • Select "Content Tools" in the top toolbar and then select "Export" in the toolbar just below. - If this option is not displayed, then the user should request permission to export from the admin of the workspace.
  • Select "HTML" from the list of formats and click next.


  • Select "Custom Export" and uncheck the "Include Comments" box.
  • Choose pages to export by selecting the respective checkboxes of the relevant pages - Please note that the pages containing large attachments can significantly increase the export size.


  • Allow the export to finish processing - this can take a while if the workspace is large.
  • Once the export is complete, click "Download here" to save the export to the computer.
  • The file downloaded will have the title something like "Confluence-space-export-XXXXXX.html.zip", where "XXXXXX" is a sequence of digits.

Step 2 - Import to Zeda.io

  • Navigate to the Document module of the product in product space, there shall be an option to import documents.
  • Click on "Import", and a Pop-up comes up, then select Confluence in the pop-up window that appears.


  • Navigate to the ".zip" file exported from the confluence in step 1 and select it for upload.

Note: The user does not need to unzip the file. Just upload the entire zip file.

  • You should see an "Importing" message as the browser uploads the file.
  • When your import completes, it should take you to your newly imported content ✨