How to link feedback to features?

Convert feedback received from your teammates and customers into actionable features.

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Found a request that you want to work on? Link this request to a product or feature so you can easily include this in your roadmap, define the feature/product specs and track it to closure. 

Align feedback to feature

  1. Head over to the Feedback dashboard and open the request that you want to work on
  2. On the request, click on the three dots menu as shown below and align to an existing feature or Add a new feature from this request or you can directly click the CTA "Align to feature".
  3. When you select the "Align to a Feature" option, a pop-up opens up from where you can select the available features or Add a feature bases on the request as shown below -

  4. Click on a signal of multiple features to add the linking to the request.
  5. The request will be linked to that feature and will appear in the features section as shown below -