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Goals and Initiatives

Use Goals & Initiatives for product strategy and planning

Goals and Initiatives is a target-setting framework used by individuals, teams, and organizations to define measurable goals and track their outcomes.


What is a Goal?

Goals can be set up for the complete product team or just for a small team which brings in the flexibility to keep everyone aligned on what as a unit they want to achieve.

Defining goals can come either from the overall company strategy or from product leaders. But the sole reason to define goals is to make sure team members are not misled and are working towards some achievable outcomes rather than abstract product creation.

A goal can exist independently.

What are initiatives?

Initiatives are building blocks on the completion of which the goals can be achieved. They are the basic unit of a goal. Initiatives can be further linked with multiple features which lead to the completion of the initiative. An initiative can't exist independently. It always has to be defined under a goal.

Let's take an example

As a team, your strategy for this quarter is to increase the acquisition (organic) by 25%.

Goal = increase the acquisition by 25% from organic channels. 

This goal can be broken down into various Initiatives = 

  • let's say your data says that because of broken onboarding the conversion is less, so improving that could contribute to the increase in the acquisition.
    • Feature task to improve the onboarding process
  • let's say your data says that solving for one more use case which was deprioritized earlier can increase the base audience by some multiples, which could further contribute to your acquisition.
    • Feature task to solve for use case 1
    • Feature task to solve for use case 2

So now you have 1 goal which can be achieved by 2 initiatives. Each initiative has further features which help to achieve the initiatives.

Many product teams define their goals and initiatives before roadmap creation to keep team members aligned on the priorities and metrics.

Creating Goals > Initiatives > Features in Zeda.io

With Zeda.io, you can not only define your goals and initiatives on the platform but also link them to features and seamlessly track their outcomes.

You can access the goals and initiatives from Planning > Goals.


1. Creating Goals & Initiatives

To create a goal in Zeda.io, follow the below steps -

  1. Click on the + Add goal CTA on the top right corner of the dashboard
  2. Enter the title (mandatory) and description of the goal. 
  3. You need to add timeframe (mandatory) which is a period under which you want to achieve the goal.
  4. You can also add assignee and tags to your goals.
  5. Click on Create Goal to create the goal in the list.

Note: Goal details can be edited later.

Screenshot 2022-08-15 at 6.43.05 PM


To create an initiative in Zeda.io, follow the below steps -

  1. Two way through which create initiative can happen 
    1. either click on the +Add an initiative button next to goal title
    2. Click on a goal, click on the 'Add Initiative' CTA in the right side of the goal page.
  2. Both of them open the create initiative side pane.
  3. Enter the title (mandatory) and description of the initiatives. 
  4. You can add due date which is time by when you want to finish the initiative. 
  5. You can also add assignee and tags to your initiatives.
  6. Click on Create Initiative to create the initiative under the goal.

Note: Initiative details can be edited later.


2. Linking features to initiatives

To align a feature to an initiative, follow the below steps -

  1. Click on any initiative from the main goals dashboard or from an individual goal page.
  2. Click on the 'Align to a feature' button from the initiative page.
  3. Select the features from the list which you want to align to that initiative to track the progress.


Check-in (Progress and Status)

The goals and initiatives require a proper tracking to check how the team performance is aligning to goals they want to achieve and if the goals are not achievable or the priorities change then how should the team modify the planning.

You can do regular check-ins on your goals and initiatives to keep everyone updated about the progress.


To log a check-in, follow the below steps -

  1. Open a goal from the goals dashboard.
  2. Click on the 'Check-in' CTA.
  3. Enter the status to log a check-in. Progress of a goal can not be manually updated.
  4. You can also view past check-ins on the goal under the Activity tab.

Progress of a goal is calculated by (total completed initiatives)/ (total initiatives) for the goal.  Completed initiative is defined as an initiative which has achieved 100% progress.



To log a check-in, follow the below steps -

  1. Open an initiative from the goals dashboard or under a goal.
  2. Click on the 'Check-in' CTA.
  3. Enter the status to log a check-in. Progress of an initiative can be manually updated or set to automatic updation.* 
  4. You can also view past check-ins on the initiative under the Activity tab.


*Note: Automation updates progress of an initiative by (total completed features)/ (total features) Total completed features are the features which are in the Done state of the status.


Filters and Search

As the goals list will conists of all the goals (and initiatives with features) created by the team in the lifetime on the platform, the searching for the goals would become difficult.

So there are few features which can help you search for the goals with whatever possible information you have about it.

  1. You can use search to write the goal title and it will fetch the results from the list and only show the relevant goals only.
  2. You can use filters to help you use any limited information like assigned to you, or belonging to a range of progress, with a particular status etc to identify the goal and initiatives.