Share your roadmap

There are two types of access present on the roadmaps in

The first access is the Private, where the user who creates the roadmap can only access it from the roadmaps list. This can help when you are creating a roadmap but it's not finalized and want to keep on editing or working on it.

The second type of access is the Workspace, where the roadmap is accessible by any member added to the workspace. This can help when a roadmap is finalized before beginning the development and needs accessibility from all stakeholders and team members for checking the progress of features. 

The access type can be changed anytime from the sharing option in the roadmap but can be done only by the creator of the roadmap.

Anyone added to your workspace is able to view all roadmaps by default.

  • All creators added to your workspace can create, view, edit and delete any company roadmap.
  • All collaborators added to your workspace can view any company roadmap.

You can also share a company roadmap with people not added to your workspace by generating a public link.

To generate a public sharing link for your roadmap, please follow the below steps -

  1. If you have applied custom filters or grouping, please save the view by providing a name.
  2. Now click on the Share button next to your saved view
  3. Enable public sharing and share a live view of the roadmap with anyone as required.

To know more about roadmaps, refer to this article.