Migrate your feedback from Zendesk

Bring in all your support tickets which contain product feedback, feature requests, ideas or bugs to your product team using Zeda.io


Zendesk integration enables your product teams to collaborate with your support teams by bringing all the support tickets consisting of feedback, feature requests, product bugs, or ideas to the Zeda.io feedback dashboard.

Integration actions

  1. Connect your Zendesk account with your Zeda.io workspace. Click here to learn about the setting up of Zendesk Integration.
  2. Forward support tickets in Zendesk which contain product feedback, feature request, product bug or an idea to your Zeda.io workspace

Create requests in Zeda.io from Zendesk

Any ticket created in Zendesk, which matches the trigger condition defined during setup will be forwarded to your Zeda.io workspace automatically.

For example, consider that you have defined the trigger conditions below -

In this case, if your support team receives a ticket in Zendesk and identifies that it contains a feature request or a product bug or some product feedback, they can update the ticket with the appropriate tag as shown below -

zendesk ticket

When this happens, a request will be automatically created in your Zeda.io workspace with the same details and source = Zendesk as shown below -