Group by different fields and Save parameters of the roadmap

Classification and Customizing Roadmap

Roadmaps in the platform can be customized for individual needs like sharing with stakeholders, assignee-wise breakdown of features, see important releases using a new set of features on roadmap like:

Group by/ Sub-group by

You can create roadmap themes by adding a group by classification on any feature field like Product, Assignee, Importance, Type, Status or on custom fields created for features.

sub-group by classification can also be applied to create a detailed roadmap that helps to track feature progress on 2 verticals one by group and under the group different sub-groups.

Sub-group can also be applied to any feature-related field (default or custom).

Note: A sub-group by can't be applied unless a group by is applied on the roadmap.


Filters can be applied to find the requested features by different stakeholders in the planned roadmap. The filter can be applied over these feature-related fields:

  • Status
  • Importance
  • Type
  • Assignee
  • Product
  • Mapping (Feedback mapped, Not mapped with anything)  

Saved or Update Roadmap

A saved/ updated roadmap enables you to access your customized roadmap as required. We at understand that different teams and team members would want to see the views by adding filters, grouping etc. You can create and save views as per different stakeholders or use cases.

Roadmaps with applied filters or group by can be saved on the roadmap using Update Roadmap (saving the filter or group by/sub-group by applied on the roadmap created) or Save as New roadmap (With the filter or group by/sub-group by applied).

The Save or Update roadmap action can be done from -

  • either the filters bar or
  • from the save button present in the top bar.

Screenshot 2022-08-15 at 12.38.03

To know more about roadmaps, refer to this article.