Create your first roadmap

Creating a roadmap

  • By Clicking on the "Create New Roadmap" Button,
    • You can enter the title for the roadmap like Q3 2022July RoadmapSprint 18 etc
    • You will be able to select the default view of the roadmap from options of Timeline (Gantt Chart) or Kanban (Status boards)
    • You will be able to define the access of the roadmap
      • Private - visible only to the creator
      • Workspace - visible to everyone in the workspace
    • You will be asked to custom select 1 or more features from the features lists to create a Roadmap. 

  • Once all the fields are entered on the Create roadmap form, a roadmap is created with default parameters that show all the selected features placed according to their start and end date. And the ones without dates are stacked as a list in the parking lot.
    • The default value of the group by - Status (if Timeline view)
    • The default value of sub-group by - None
    • The default value of the timeline duration - Month

To know more about roadmaps, refer to this article.