Connect your first feedback source to bring in the feedback from multiple sources

When you work in a product organization there is a lot of feedback that flows in from customers and different teammates about your product.

With, we have made it extremely easy to bring in this feedback from various sources so that it becomes easier for your stakeholders to share anything with the product team and also track it to closure.

For product teams, these feedback sources ensure that there is a single view of feedback that holds all the feedback about your product/products.

The following sources are supported in -

  • Dashboard: You can add any of your teammates to your workspace as collaborators and they can submit feedback right from there.
  • Customer portal: You can create and share a white-labelled customer portal with your customers to get them.
  • In-app widget: You can create and embed a white-labelled in-app widget on your web app from where your customers can directly share feedback with your product team.
  • Zendesk: Your support team can pass on feedback contained in support tickets directly from Zendesk to
  • Slack: Conver your slack conversations to feedback easily with the Slack <> integration.
  • Feedback form: Customize and share forms with your business teams or customers
  • \to let them share feedback with you.
  • Zapier: Connect any of your sources like Hubspot, SurveyMonkey, and Typeform and share feedback in your workspace.